Nicole 劍嶠 Zhang

Full-stack Developer | Theoretical Physicist | Data Scientist | Traveller | Muay Thai Enthusiast | Party Animal

  • Grew up in Northeastern China, lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, recently moved to Singapore.
  • Speak Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and German.
  • Science and technology are my true love.
  • Bachelor in physics, PhD in theoretical chemistry.
  • Late bloomed developer and data scientist.
  • Still in my 20s.
  • Travelled to more than 30 countries.

Physics and Mathematics Teacher

Vast Experience

Having worked in top tutoring agencies in Hong Kong including the legendary Arch Education, my students are from pretigious international and boarding schools. With my help, most of them were able to be admitted to Ivy League and Oxbridge.

Master Driller

After years of teaching, I've accumulated a large database of past exam papers, exercises and categorised questions, which will give my students the most efficient drilling experience!

Qualified Degrees

I have a bachelor, major in physics, minor in chemistry, and my PhD is in theoretical chemistry. During my candidature, I worked as teaching assistant for 5 courses at the University of Hong Kong.

Happy Classroom

Teaching with passion, encouragement, and sense of humour has always been my rule #1. I love to use pop culture example to explain the abstract math and physics problems, to help students understand better.

  • Physicist
  • PhD Thesis topic: Gauge-invariant and current-continuous ac quantum transport theory.
  • BSc Thesis topic: Equivalent circuit for armchair graphene-nanoribbon-based electronic devices.
  • Fields: First-principle simulations, quantum transport, nanotechnology, emerging electronics.
  • Publication:
  • Eur. Phys. J. B, 86: 423, (2013).
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  • Data Scientist
  • Fluent with R, Python, Tableau.
  • Prior experiences with neural networks in PhD research.
  • Maching learning.
  • Dabbled in A.I. and deep learning.
  • Profound mathematical background.
  • Looking for career opportunities as a data scientist.